Valerie in the Press

Valerie has been featured in the media throughout her career and here is a selection of her articles:


Hollywood Hypnotist's Miracle Cures (Daily Globe 6/10/81)

Valerie tells how "hypnotist to the stars "Gil Boyne helped her regain her memory using hypnotherapy. read article


I Can Make You Stop In One Hour (Daily Star 14/03/90)

A major article in the Daily Star about the Stop Smoking in One Hour technique led to a year's worth of client bookings at Valerie's Harley Street clinic. read article


Advanced Hypnotherapy for the Business Person (9to5 1989/90)

Valerie has always used her media expertise to promote her hypnotherapy practice training courses by being regularly featured in the press and was regularly featured in 9 to 5 magazine in London. read article


Kick the Habit & All in the Mind (9to5 19/06/89 & 17/07/89)

Promoting smoking cessation and an article about lack of concentration and memory in 9 to 5 magazine. read articles


Weight Loss without Dieting & Don't be A Yule Fool

Always one to find 'an angle' for the media, Valerie promoted weight loss without dieting using hypnosis and combating excess drinking and over-eating at Christmas with hypnotherapy.

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The Austin Technique in Malaysia

The media in Malaysia were always keen to feature Valerie regarding  her Diploma courses and Gil Boyne also conducted a course there. read article


Using Hypnosis to Eliminate Bad Habits (New Straits Times)

The first time Valerie visited Kuala Lumpur she was featured in the New Straits Times promoting her Diploma course, a stress management workshop and a stop smoking day. read article


Learning in Paradise on Langkawi

Valerie taught her course on the paradise island of Langkawi, Malaysia in the 90s. Billed as the Executive De-Stress Programme, the course was part of a luxury holiday package. read article


British Hypnotist offers cheap, effective way to Quit Smoking

(New Straits Times 1997)

The first edition of Stop Smoking in One Hour was published in Malaysia in 1997 and Valerie was featured in the media publicizing the book and Learning in Paradise courses. read article




"I lost track of time; I'd even forget my son existed..."

(Evening Standard 07/04/98)

As many as 12,000 Britons are affected by amnesia every year. It nearly uined Valerie Austin's life but she has pulled herself back from the brink with the aid of hypnotherapy. read article


Reprogramme Your Mind (Daily Mail 1998)

Valerie was featured in "Who's The Guru?" promoting her book Free Yourself From Fear. read article



In 2000 Stop Smoking in One Hour was published in the UK and Valerie was featured in national press articles promoting the book.


The Last Cigarette (The Guardian 17/10/2000)

Simon Hattenstone interviews Valerie and has a stop smoking session. read article


Breaking Up with an Old Friend (The Independent)

Valerie gives Sally Brampton a stop smoking session and interviews her about the book for Elle magazine (also featured in The Independent) read article


Stop Smoking in One Hour (Daily Mail 16/01/2001)

The Daily Mail featured an extract from the book. This was featured in January, a time when stopping smoking is a New Year's resolution. read article



Hypnosis Saved My Life (Evening Post 30/07/2001)

Valerie used a remarkable technique she calls "The Nth Phase" to help save the life of the daughter of a friend whose life was in danger after giving birth. read article


Tsunami Survivors Lecture (Miami Sun Post (11/05/2006)

As a survivor of the 2005 boxing day tsunami, Valerie lectured along with other survivors about their ordeal. read article


Time To Give Up (City A.M. 10/07/2007)

With the smoking ban becoming law in public places, smoking cessation was a talking point and Stop Smoking in One Hour was once again featured in the press. read article



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