Valerie Austin offers a variety of training courses and workshops for hypnosis and hypnotherapy. These range from an introductory self-hypnosis workshop to a comprehensive training to become a practising hypnotherapist.


If you have read Self Hypnosis and want to expand your experience, The Self Hypnosis Workshop is a practical way to improve your skills. Designed to introduce you to the practical skills of using self-hypnosis for personal and professional change, you’ll find this workshop the perfect launch pad for your success. The book is the ideal introduction and now you can learn how to put everything into practice.


The 7-day Diploma course in Advanced Hypnotherapy teaches you everything you need to know to become a practising hypnotherapist. It includes techniques for personal and corporate clients including phobias, weight loss, age regression and speed reading. The world-famous “Stop Smoking in One Hour” technique is also taught on the course. These are small boutique courses with no more than 6 students, and designed for maximum learning and plenty of monitored practice. Find out more


If you are already a hypnotherapist, the Stop Smoking in One Hour workshop is designed to teach you the Harley Street smoking cessation technique with an up to 95% success rate. With its distinguished 20-year history including extensive media coverage and published books of the same name, this technique will help any therapist boost their profile and profits. The technique can also be used as an additional corporate service.

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More and more therapists are realizing that seeing clients via the internet is the way forward in order to boost their business.
The on-line Skypenosis course, taught by Keithantony Taylor and Valerie Austin provides a solid training in how to treat clients via the internet. You’ll learn guidelines and techniques in order to become a proficient Skypenosis therapist.

The How To Mesmerize course with James Pool is a 2-day introductory workshop designed to give an overview and some basic fundamentals of mesmerism, the precursor to modern day hypnosis. James Pool is the only living person to know Mesmer’s secret teachings. These were passed down by the few aristocratic disciples to survive the French revolution. These men felt that Mesmer’s secret teachings were too powerful to reveal to the public for fear they would be misused in an age of national hatreds. One of the last men to know Mesmer’s secrets, a prominent and wealthy Swiss psychiatrist, told them to James Pool to keep them from dying out. Find out more about mesmerism at


The Weight Loss workshop is an intense training for hypnotherapists, focusing on the issue of weight loss and weight management and the wide range of issues surrounding it. This issue can be a complex matter with many factors affecting a client’s weight. Valerie Austin brings her wealth of experience to this exclusive training.
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The Cancer and Hypnosis workshop

is designed for anyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis or caring for someone with cancer. This workshop will teach you how to use self-hypnosis as a tool to help combat cancer and to alleviate side effects of the disease and conventional treatments. Based on research and proven methods, self-hypnosis can make a big difference to cancer sufferers and their families and friends. email Valerie for more information about this specialist workshop.



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