Hypnosis in the Media

Hypnosis is regularly featured in the media and here you'll find some links to some recent articles.


Chef too scared to leave the house is finally cured of agoraphobia by hypnotherapy. Daily Mail 20/07/2015


Woman who endured the agony of five miscarriages finally gives birth to a 'miracle' baby boy after undergoing HYPNOSIS.

Daily Mail 19/06/2015




Hypnosis Works!

With over 200 years of history, there is an incredible amount of research proving that hypnosis works. Here you'll find a selection of research to substantiate this fact:

Hypnotic Visual Illusion Alters Color Processing in the Brain
As mentioned on page 20 of the book, a Stanford research study supported the belief that hypnosis can transform perception and fully proved that hypnosis worked.
(Am J Psychiatry 2000; 157:1279–1284). Read the study here

What Is the Science Behind Hypnosis?
In a remarkable experiment reported in the New York Times, subjects were given the post-hypnotic suggestion that they would see words that would appear incomprehensible as if in a foreign language. Read more



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