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 Free Downloads To help improve your self-hypnosis experience you can download two FREE hypnotherapy audio tracks. The Progressive Relaxation track
is great for helping you relax and get rid of unwanted tension. Orange Liquid is the special hypnotic de-stresser which is
particularly useful during times
of high stress or worry

Welcome to my website where you'll find additional resources to complement the content of my new book Self Hypnosis, published by Hay House Basics.


Here you’ll find some free downloadable audio files and scripts, together with other resources to improve your self-hypnosis experience.


You’ll also find details of hypnosis products including hypnotherapy audios, downloadable versions of my other books Free Yourself From Fear, Slim While You Sleep, Stop Smoking in One Hour and Hypnosex.


If you are interested in learning more about hypnosis there are specialist workshops you can attend and if you are thinking of training to be a Hypnotherapist you can attend my 7-Day Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma course.


Hypnosis is regularly featured in the media and in the ‘News and Research’ section you’ll find current articles as well as interesting features proving that hypnosis works.


You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter where I post regular news and updates about the world of hypnosis.


I hope you enjoy the book and wish you all the best in your hypnosis journey.



Please note that this is a new book and not a re-published version of my first Self Hypnosis book published in 1992.

Self Hypnosis by Valerie Austin

The book is now available to buy in bookshops or on Amazon.



Read Valerie's amazing story "From Hollywood to Hypnotherapy" and discover how self-hypnosis can help you change your life.

Read an extract from the book here.

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